BAC-Protective equipment
ICT e-waste collection expands to Katanga

February 15th, 2016: Despite the positive role that ICT equipment play in socio-economic development of developing countries, they can also be source of serious danger towards the environment and health of the population. Concerning the DRC, some studies have shown that 26,100 to...

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Guiding Principles to Develop E-waste Management Systems and Legislation – Step White Paper now available

January 20th, 2016: The latest Step White Paper is now available for download. The Guiding Principles to Develop E-wa...

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Step publishes a green paper on the Effect of Waste Legislation on TBM of EEE Destined for Reuse

January 19th, 2016: The United Nations Solving the E-waste Problem (Step) Initiative, founded in 2007, ...

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CSR program in Belgium supports ICT e-waste collection in Burundi

September 10, 2015: How partners from totally different sectors manage to collaborate with WorldLoop to change the e-waste cycle? For example, what does a Burundian e-waste recycling entrepreneur, a large ...

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Bo2W applied to Portable Batteries in Kenya

November 2, 2015: WorldLoop is proud to announce a bi-lateral partnership with STIBAT and BEBAT, the Dutch and Belgian battery collection organisations. ...

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BAC's promotional van
BAC (DRC) wraps up first year of 2-year project with Stichting Gilles

October 14, 2015: "There is an African proverb saying if you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together." WorldLoop's partner ...

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OvO - Luc Bonte - Trade not Aid
Ondernemers voor Ondernemers celebrates 15 years

Oct. 19, 2015: Belgian-based "Ondernemers voor Ondernemers" celebrated their 15th anniversary in a style befitting the organization and their mission on October 7, 2015. Key stakeholders, including ...

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Thousands employed in e-waste management, better training needed in Abidjan

Oct 12, 2015: Last week WorldLoop's Project Manager, Luc Severi found himself on the Akouedo Dumpsite in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. As part of WorldLoop's work in the European Union's Horizon2020...

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Cover 2014 WL annual report - small
WorldLoop 2014 Annual Report is out!

October 2015 - WorldLoop is proud to release its third Annual Report. In the last year, WorldLoop has continued to deliver on the mission to ensure ICT for development projects remain a social benefit without becoming an environmental liability. With 15 local partnerships up and...

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Ngara Market - Griet Hendrickx (1)
How our e-waste industry and certifications are maturing: E-scrap survey findings

Recently, WorldLoop was asked, among 200 other electronics scrap stakeholders, how we feel about the state of the electronics recovery business. The aggregated results of this survey from Arcadian Solutions and Gracestone, were presented on the e-scrap conference in Orlando in...

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