Project Manager Marnick Vanlee visits BAC in D.R. Congo

In February, WorldLoop’s Project Manager Marnick Vanlee visited D.R. Congo. Here, he met up with WorldLoop’s service partner BAC (Benelux Afro Centre).

Benelux Afro Center (BAC), Groupe One and WorldLoop have joined forces to set up an e-waste recycling centre in Lubumbashi, in the south of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. With support
from Brussels International (the official foreign policy implementation body of the Brussels-Capital Region), a local team has actively been collecting e-waste from corporations and institutions in the neighborhood and campaigns have been set up to raise awareness among the local population about the e-waste problem.

WorldLoop has supported the initiative with e-waste certificates and technical as well as operational support. The dismantled and sorted fractions of electronic waste are shipped to Europe for further treatment. After processing, some of these fractions will be returned to the production cycle as basic components or raw material.