World Resources Forum 2019 Antwerp on Closing Loops

Between Feb. 24th & 27th 2019 both Close the Gap and WorldLoop were part of a workshop (2 of the 6) during the World Resources Forum in Antwerp. This edition was organised together with the Public Waste Agency of Flanders (OVAM).

The general theme for the Forum was ‘Closing Loops – Transitions at Work’. WorldLoop attended keynotes on sustainable solutions for environmental and other global issues and was also a spectator in for example Recupel’s closing the e-loop challenge, where students attempted to design sustainable solutions for the growing e-waste problem.

WRF 2019 wanted to focus on hands-on sharing of best practices. With this theme in mind, WorldLoop presented a short keynote on CSR in a business context by explaining how Close the Gap and WorldLoop aim to work towards a fully autonomous circular IT initiative aimed at re-using IT assets and recovering valuable materials (urban mining). The debate was, in other words, all about the optimization of global metal flows and stimulating closed loops in a qualitative way and enabling a circular economy.