Internship – Community and Knowledge Manager

Interested in the cross-road between development and social entrepreneurship? Passionate about helping social entrepreneurs strengthen responsible businesses in developing countries, engaging with global companies to bring sustainable solutions for a circular economy? We might have the right internship for you.

We have a fast paced work environment and seek talented employees who crave learning new skills and aren’t afraid to tackle big projects. As an intern you will get to work with every level of the organisation, while working on real projects that will help us support social entrepreneurs strengthen their own ICT e-waste collection and dismantling activities.

Our ideal candidate will want to play a significant role in the growth of an innovative and socially driven organisation in the field of electronics recycling and a circular economy. The role requires an eye for detail, with an interest in translating technical and academic content into pragmatic and actionable instructions for our project partners in Africa. We are looking for a candidate with the ability to cross-over engineering (not in-depth but on a high level), business and communications to build a community and encourage North-to-South and South-to-South knowledge transfer using virtual tools like Skype, Facebook, What’s App, etc.


WorldLoop is an international non-profit organisation committed to extending the positive impact of ICT projects in developing countries by offsetting the negative environmental impact of its hardware. WorldLoop has the ability to transform an environmental hazard into something that is socially, environmentally and economically positive.

Through its network of partners, sponsors and supporters, WorldLoop helps communities in developing countries to establish efficient, environmentally friendly, self-funding facilities for e-waste collection and recycling. As well as helping to solve the environmental threat that e-waste represents, these systems stimulate the local economy by creating jobs.


  • To develop and feed WorldLoop’s test Knowledge Platform How to leverage technology and social media platforms to build virtual teams
  • How to translate technical content into visually attractive and Layman’s language
  • Datamining of common issues of a community


  • A graduate student in good standing, working towards MS, MA or PhD in communications, business administration or marketing
  • Strong working knowledge of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter to drive 1:1 and 1:many dialogue and information sharing
  • Experience with graphic design

Desired Skills:

  • Minor in journalism or experience with web and community development is a real plus
  • Prior industry internship or experience
  • Able to analyze and communicate at various levels of abstraction
  • Self-driven and Innovative problem solver


  • This position is available part-time or full-time with a minimum of 16 hours/week (negotiable based on academic requirements), starting as soon as possible, for a minimum of 3 months.
  • This internship is only open to students currently enrolled in university, with eligibility to work within the EU who are seeking internship credit to fulfill academic requirements.
  • Candidates should maintain a positive attitude under pressure, exhibit a strong work ethic, and enjoy working in a multi-cultural office, with a wide range of personalities.
  • This internship will benefit someone who is interested in marketing, ICT for development, community relations, and audience marketing.
  • This is an unpaid internship


Please send your motivation letter, including: how this internship falls into your current academic requirements or career ambitions, availability to start, hours required and duration of internship and your CV to by April 28th, 2017