CALL FOR APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN: 2014 E-Waste Academy (Management Edition)

WorldLoop is proud to be a sponsor of StEP’s next E-Waste Academy – Manager’s Edition (EWAM), held in El Salvador March 31-April 4, 2014. Application deadline is October 15, 2013. If you are working on e-waste policy or managing an e-waste centre, we encourage you to apply.
EWAM focusses on the practical implementation of these science-based solutions, in particular in policy development and e-waste system design. Targeted at policymakers and government officials as well as small- and medium-sized enterprises (mostly recyclers, refurbishers and collectors), it provides a neutral platform stimulating fruitful discussion among policymakers and SME operators while also facilitating exchange of best practices and expert feedback.
The vision for the EWAM is to be the foremost forum available for stakeholders involved in e-waste system design as well as implementing solutions toshare their knowledge, interact with experts and develop collaborative partnershipsfostering high long-term, sustainable solutions and approaches on all policy-related areas related in e-waste – from policy to technology to economics to social aspectsThe 2014 EWAM will take place in El Salvador at the Basel Convention Regional Centre in Central America & Mexico (BCRC-CAM). Although located in Latin America, the 2014 EWAM will take a global focus and policymakers, government officials and SMEs from all of the world can submit an application form.
The overarching concept will be to replicate the EWAM in different regions, ultimately weaving together academy results and thereby effectively guiding e-waste management dialogue and action at the international level.
Fees & Grant
Participation fee per person is 350€ for policymakers and governmental officials.
For SMEs the participation fee is 150€.
Participation fee will cover all lunches, joint dinners and site visits for the entire duration of the EWAM.
Travel and accommodation expenses are covered for all participants.