Rabobank supports WorldLoop

Rabobank Group

Rabobank Group is an international financial service provider based in the Netherlands. It is active in the area of banking, asset management, leasing, insurance and real estate. In the Netherlands, its focus area is providing financial services in the broadest sense. Internationally, Rabobank focuses mainly on the food and agriculture business.

Rabobank donates decommissioned computers to projects in developing countries for the purpose of helping young people there to obtain access to the digital world community.

Along with Dell, Rabobank has committed to purchasing a significant number of WorldLoop e-Resource Certificates, supporting the environmentally sound recycling of +/- 50.000 PCs through WorldLoop over a period of 3 years.

Rene Steenvoorden Rabobank CIO
“We have chosen the cooperation with Close the Gap because they have a track record in PC donations and local support for users. The cooperation with Close the Gap gives us the best possible assurance that our decommissioned PCs are redeployed most effectively.

And last but not least, our cooperation with Close the Gap gives us the opportunity to jointly take an important step forward in solving the e-waste problem in developing countries, to which our supplier Dell will contribute as well.

We hope and expect that this initiative to combine PC donations with e-waste neutralisation in developing countries will be adopted by other donors and suppliers of electronic equipment.”

Mr. René Steenvoorden, CIO Rabobank