WorldLoop announces strategic partnership with STIBAT

May 4, 2015: STIBAT (Sitchting Batterijen), the Dutch battery collection authority, and WorldLoop have partnered together to support responsible collection, sorting and recycling of portable batteries recovered from ICT electronic devices during the dismantling process in Africa.

WorldLoop and Stibat are both organizations active in the domain of sustainable, responsible e-waste and battery-waste management, recognizing that expertise and infrastructure to ensure proper battery disposal is often lacking in many areas in developing countries.

WorldLoop and Stibat share a strong commitment to the sustainable treatment of batteries and as a result have partnered together to support such solutions in Africa.

Local approach and international expertise

A local approach combined with international expertise characterizes the projects of WorldLoop. WorldLoop promotes the local collection and manual dismantling of ICT e-waste collected from formal and informal channels in developing countries. WorldLoop also facilitates the process for material that is hazardous or needs special treatment, often found in Europe. To achieve the mission, WorldLoop leverages the international knowledge of recycling techniques.

Stibat will provide such knowledge and expertise to support local collection and safe and responsible separation of batteries from appliances as well as support international treatment of the collected batteries under the Best of 2 Worlds model WorldLoop has operationalized.