WorldLoop Featured at iSUP Conference

September 1-3, in Antwerp Belgium international experts from various disciplines and industries from all across the world came together at the 2014 i-SUP Conference to exchange views on how to enhance innovation for the benefit of a more sustainable production and world.

To ensure sustainable business growth at all levels, a systemic approach which brings together stakeholders and technologies from all disciplines is required. Exactly that is the purpose of i-SUP: exploring the potential of new technologies and overarching models to ensure a bright, ‘green’ future for our industry. At the core of i-SUP2014 were four themes with a particular relevance in today’s global industry:

  1. linking energy systems to improve industrial competitiveness,
  2. producing chemical components from renewable sources,
  3. securing access to raw materials at an affordable cost, and
  4. fostering clean technologies through cross-sectoral cooperation and venture models.

WorldLoop presented along side partners and industry experts such as Umicore and iFixIt to discuss several critical issues in today’s European material context including how to succeed in closing material loops? And which business concepts should be developed for sustainable materials management?