WorldLoop offers expertise in E-waste Standards Conference, Capetown

WorldLoop, in collaboration with TechSoup, recently organized a Microsoft sponsored conference on E-Waste and refurbishment standards in Cape Town South Africa on June 7, 2013.
Several officials from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) participated in the event, which hosted 75 people from 10 countries across Africa, as well as representatives from Europe and the United States.
The intent of the event was to speed up efforts to address the African e-waste problem in a manner that protects the environment, workers health, and creates economic opportunity. A recent UN study finds that domestic consumption is the main contributor to Africa’s growing e-waste problem. Africa now has more mobile phone users than either the U.S. or European Union or Latin America.
“The event facilitated discussions between stakeholders throughout the whole chain of e-waste recycling. In the long term, standards will be key to stimulating the economic development of the recycling industry in Africa,” said UNIDO’s Smail Alhilali.
Read the UNIDO press release on the conference here.