Worldloop visits BAC’s collection and dismantling center for e-waste

July 7, 2015: Our colleague Aurély Luzolele, Project Manager of our sister organization Close the Gap, recently traveled to Kinshasa, DRC and had the chance to meet with Dr. Nundi Phasi and Gaston Tsasa, both working for the Benelux Afro Center (BAC), one of Worldloop’s recycling partners.

Aurély visited BAC’s collection and dismantling center for e-waste. The center develops Worldloop’s activities, which strive for maximum empowerment of local communities and support those involved in e-waste collection, dismantling and recycling. BAC developed a great promotional campaign if favour of recycling: the area where the facility is located is full of posters promoting recycling. BAC even goes around with a promotional van!


The facility is meeting with a real success, and Aurély could truly notice that citizens are aware about recycling and do their best to implement good practices. The employees also voiced their appreciation towards Worldloop and the tools (special plastic glasses to protect employees while dealing with dangerous materials etc.) we provided.

Aurély also had the chance to visit the Ngaliema hospital, one of Close the Gap’s project which provided the hospital with high quality computers and servers.