The 2016 Activity Report is out!

We are proud to announce the release the 2016 Activity Report! 2016 has been particularly exciting and busy for WorldLoop!

Our partners have collected  a total of 589 tonnes of e-waste! We are also very proud to announce that, under the Best-of-2-Worlds approach, we have shipped 4 containers with 85 tonnes of complex and/or hazardous e-waste. This is particularly important, as this means that 85 less tonnes are in the landfill , and got to be properly recycled! And most importantly, 144 tonnes of e-waste have been off set through the E-resource certificates Programme, which avoided 207 tonnes of CO².

WorldLoop could not have achieved all these positive results without your support. Cross-sector engagement and collaboration is key to make WorldLoop’s mission a reality. Thank you so much for supporting environmentally friendly solutions for e-waste in Africa, thank you for sharing your knowledge, thank you for offsetting the negative impact of ICT by purchasing e-resource certificates. Thank you for supporting WorldLoop to change he e-waste cycle, and have a pleasant reading!