Welcome to Emilia, our new project manager!

Last month, WorldLoop welcomed its new project manager, Emilia. She is a very motivated teammate, who is truly interested in making a difference in this world by continuing to building a more sustainable society. Emilia’s help was very welcome, as WorldLoop has been very busy lately! In order for her to specifically understand the core activities of WorldLoop, she travelled to Nairobi, Kenya to pay a visit to our longtime partner, the WEEE Centre. This was the opportunity for her to understand and see the process of environmentally friendly solutions for e-waste in Nairobi.

The WEEE Centre collects the e-waste from companies and schools, with the help of mini vans. The vans are also the opportunity to promote the WEEE Center and create awareness towards a general audience, who may not be aware that recycling of e-waste is possible. This stimulates them to individually bring their e-waste to the WEEE center.

The WEEE Centre is currently focusing on creating awareness for SMEs, as this kind of company tend to grow fast, in addition to malls in different neighborhoods, also passing by the households that requested it. The WEEE Centre also creates awareness though their social media accounts.

 We are delighted to have Emilia amongst us, and so is she. Her answer after asking for her first impressions is: “An amazing team is surrounding me – everyone is very dynamic and motivated, and rightfully so! With the support of various inspiring partners, we’re working towards hard to reach yet so important and highly motivating goals.” Welcome to the WorldLoop family Emilia!