StEP Launches World E-Waste Map Revealing National Volumes, International Flows

By 2017, all of that year’s end-of-life refrigerators, televisions, mobile phones, computers, and other electrical and electronic products could fill a line of 40-ton trucks around three-quarters of the equator. This would represent a global jump of 33% in just five years.

This startling forecast is based on data compiled in the new online E-Waste World Map, produced by the UNU-coordinated Solving the E-Waste Problem (StEP) Initiative. This unique interactive map presents annual data from 184 countries, showing the estimated amount of electrical and electronic equipment put on the market and how much resulting e-waste is generated.

This data can support local stakeholders and international players when approaching e-waste management solutions. WorldLoop projects benefit from this knowledge by better understanding the volumes of e-waste in the regions they are active in.

Read the complete press release from the United Nations University here.