The 2015 Annual Report is now online!

Dear Friends, Partners and Supporters,

We are pleased to release the 2015 Annual Report. With 355 tonnes of e-waste collected in Africa and 6 containers shipped to Europe in 2015, we clearly see that local awareness and interest in e-waste collection is becoming relevant for local communities.After four years of supporting sustainable reuse and recycling of e-waste initiatives in Sub-Saharan Africa, and through its activities of operationalising the UN StEP model of ‘Best of 2 Worlds’, WorldLoop has become proficient in supporting efforts to bring circular economic solutions to Africa. Thus we are ‘walking the talk’ and showing that a threat can become an opportunity. Hopefully it will inspire critical (local) stakeholders to help to create the very  much needed local ecosystem and legislation, to make this happen at larger scale soon.
WorldLoop could not have achieved all these positive results without your support. Cross-sector engagement and collaboration is key to make WorldLoop’s mission a reality. Thank you so much for supporting environmentally friendly solutions for e-waste in Africa, thank you for sharing your knowledge, thank you for offsetting the negative impact of ICT by purchasing e-resource certificates.
Thank you for supporting WorldLoop to change he e-waste cycle, and have a pleasant reading!
Click here to read the complete WorldLoop 2015 Annual Report