Project Update: Setting up an e-waste facility in the Haut – Katanga Province, DRC

At the beginning of 2016, WorldLoop, Group One and Benelux Afro Centre kicked off a project to set up an e-waste facility in Lubumbashi, Haut-Katanga Province, DRC. As mentioned in the past, the DRC has no specific legislative framework related to e-waste management, nor appropriate recycling practices, especially for complex fractions.

Numerous awareness activities have been implemented, particularly during the ‘Recycling Congolese Day’ in Lubumbashi. 10 schools and universities received extensive information about e-waste and the importance of proper collection, dismantling and storage/disposal.


The sensitisation efforts are now starting to show its result; since the beginning of 2017, BAC have collected almost 17 tonnes of e-waste in the Haut Katanga Region! Keep up the good work!