Galloo Group

Galloo Group is one of the leading recycling companies for the recycling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals in all of Western Europe. Its many branches in Flanders, Wallonia and the North of France make for strong roots within this region.

Galloo and WorldLoop partnered together in early 2014 to provide hands-on e-waste dismantling training for 12 e-waste practitioners from Africa.

After working with various e-waste practitioners in the East African region who are active in e-waste collection, dismantling and/or recycling, a need was identified to provide a deep-dive practical training to practitioners, on how to efficiently and effectively operate an e-waste recycling facility. An e-waste recycling training course has been organized to improve efficiency and resource-recovery in the field and are bringing together industry leaders to lead the course in Belgium with a hands-on training for e-waste recycling.

At present, while many of those involved in countering the problem of e-waste understand the basics of proper dismantling and handling, few know how to run a recycling centre. The goal of the training is to demonstrate best practices within e-waste dismantling and to show how to best organize and run a dismantling facility. After the training the participants will be able to improve the dismantling operations at their facility and have a clearer picture about the requirements of an internationally recognized dismantling facility.

In order to qualify for participation, 80% of the practitioner’s job required direct contact with/handling e-waste.