Partnership Levels

A WorldLoop Strategic Partner is an organization that shares WorldLoop’s commitment for sustainable e-waste management in developing countries and wants to contribute to the WorldLoop mission by offering financial and /or in kind support that is closely aligned with the core business of the strategic partner.

The relationship with a strategic partner is based on a win-win partnership with a long term perspective that can include the offering of in kind services, working at reduced fee, etc. from the side of the strategic partner and adding value in terms of endorsement, marketing, PR, etc. from the side of WorldLoop.

Strategic partnerships are usually 3 years in length.

WorldLoop strategic partners can be:

  • Founding Partners: Key supporters involved with the operational growth and expansion of WorldLoop as an organisation.
  • Operational Partners: Organizations whose core business aligns to the WorldLoop’s recycling activities including transport & logistics, import/export, recycling & disposal, etc.
  • Professional Service Partners: Organizations who provide inkind services to WorldLoop’s internal operations including accounting, HR, creative, web design, etc.
  • Knowledge Partners: Organizations, associations, think tanks and advocacy groups who are subject matter experts and thought leaders in the e-waste space. These entities promote the WorldLoop mission, share contacts, provide technical guidance and collaborate on awareness raising activities.


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