Partner with us

WorldLoop is nothing without the strong community of partners, supporters and extended network who share a commitment to the sustainable use of ICT equipment and to the environment. All our supporters share a desire for tangible results and to have impact in the developing world in a sustainable way.

By working with WorldLoop, organizations join the growing community of stakeholders empowered to have a direct, positive impact on the environment and stimulate local economies in developing countries while at the same time reducing the negative impact of electronic waste.

Support helps to:

  • Expand environmentally sound e-waste management systems to other regions of the world
  • Drive international awareness raising campaigns
  • Bring the highest possible standard of e-waste recycling to the developing world
  • Invest in training and equipment for our partners in the developing world
  • Promote north-to-south and south-to-south capacity building initiatives in the developing world

Please visit our partnership levels  page and contact us to learn more.