Donate to WorldLoop

WorldLoop is committed to the financial sustainability of its projects.  In its role as incubator, WorldLoop provides seed capital and supports member organizations with technical assistance, allowing members to set up the necessary infrastructure for e-waste recycling with the goal of making it self-sustaining overtime.

However WorldLoop cannot reach this commitment alone and engages in a collaborative manner as a partner and fundraiser, to make this goal a reality. Therefore, WorldLoop is nothing without the strong community of partners, sponsors and extended network.

WorldLoop’s supportive community shares a commitment to the sustainable use of ICT equipment and to the environment with the desire for tangible results and to have impact in the developing world in a sustainable way. Funds raised will help WorldLoop to:

  1. Provide seed capital to local entrepreneurs in developing countries starting up e-waste collection and dismantling activities.
  2. Contribute to the operational costs of local WorldLoop members during the period of the start-up and up to the point of financial self-sufficiency.
  3. Drive challenging methods of e-waste collection.
  4. Ensure a high quality operations in terms of proper training, environmental compliance, and transparent financial management. By combining local collection & dismantling efforts in developing countries with international disposal in best-in-class recycling facilities in Europe for complex and hazardous fractions, the certificates enable a “best of 2 worlds” solution and ensure 100% environmentally sound recycling.
  5. Drive international awareness-raising campaigns.

WorldLoop thanks you for your support and donation.