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Whether you are someone who loves technology and are always on top of the latest gadgets coming to market or someone who uses it as a necessary evil to do business and function in today’s society, we all benefit directly or indirectly from access to it. These benefits transcend geographical, language and socio-economic boundaries. Unfortunately, the negative impact when the hardware isn’t disposed of properly also transcends geographical, language and socio-economic boundaries.

Many areas of the world are prepared and able to handle the large scale increase of e-waste that will be generated in the coming years; however there is a large portion of the world that is not.

Read on to see how you can change the e-waste cycle.


Entrepreneurs in focus regions (Africa and Latin America)

Are you based in a region without any e-waste solutions today? Have you been active in ICT for development initiatives to help bridge the digital divide in your local community? Have you wanted to run your own business for e-waste recycling? We encourage you to check out our START A PROJECT page and submit a request for a discovery meeting.


Socially Responsible Companies

Is your organization committed to social responsibility? Are you looking for innovative ways to make measurable and sustainable impact in a win-win collaborative context? Please visit WorldLoop’s Strategic Partnership Programme and learn more.



Do you ever think about what happens to your electronics when they stop working? Are you interested in supporting projects that promote job creation, resource conservation and protects the environment? Consider taking a step in changing the e-waste cycle by supporting WorldLoop.

  • Spread the Word: Awareness of e-waste and the hazards posed to human health and the environment is still staggeringly low internationally. WorldLoop is working hard with its local members and international partners to address this issue, but WorldLoop can’t do it alone. Please educate your network on the hazards of e-waste and share with them the work WorldLoop is doing, so we all can work together .
  • Offset your IT-footprint
  • Donating to WorldLoop


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