E-waste Offsetting

Whether you are someone who loves technology and are always on top of the latest gadgets coming to market, or someone who uses it as a necessary evil to do business and function in today’s society, you benefit directly or indirectly from it.

These benefits transcend geographical, language and socio-economic boundaries. Unfortunately, when the hardware isn’t properly disposed of, the negative impact transcends the same boundaries. Many areas of the world are ready and able to handle the large-scale increase of e-waste that will be generated in the coming years. However, there is a large portion of the world that is not prepared.

What can you do to help?

It’s easy, offset your own e-waste footprint and support local job creation while protecting the environment in developing countries by participating in WorldLoop’s e-Resource Certificate programme and you will be playing an important role in changing the e-waste cycle.

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e-Resource Certificate Programme.

The e-Resource certificate programme represents an investment to set up the necessary e-waste recycling infrastructure in the developing world to ensure the entire end-of-life supply chain is supported and that ALL fractions are spared from the landfill.

Each computer (including desk top, screen, keyboard and mouse) that is collected and recycled in an environmentally sound manner prevents 20kg of waste from ending up in landfills.

What will your money go towards?

Certificate funding is used to:

  1. Seed capital to local entrepreneurs in developing countries to start up e-waste collection and dismantling activities.
  2. Driving local e-waste awareness raising and challenging collection campaigns.
  3. Ensuring the high standards are met for training, environmental compliance, and business management.
  4. Ensuring 100% environmentally sound treatment of all e-waste fractions, with a focus on the non-valuable fractions.