Stichting Batterijen (STIBAT)


WorldLoop and Stibat are both organizations active in the domain of respectively sustainable, responsible e-waste and battery-waste management, recognizing the crucial importance of information and communication technology as a key driver for any society’s development. However, ICT equipment often requires a battery to operate. When these batteries have reached its end-of-life, it can pose a serious environmental threat, especially in developing countries where the expertise and infrastructure to ensure proper battery disposal is often lacking.

WorldLoop and Stibat share a strong commitment to the sustainable treatment of batteries and both organizations are committed to operating in accordance with the highest international standards of business ethics and respect for human rights and the environment. As a result they have entered into a joint partnership to execute various projects aligned to their shared mission and values.



The use of mobile energy increasingly becomes an indissoluble part of our way of life. It is important that this happens in a responsible and environmental-friendly way.


Stibat offers the solution for responsible and sustainable collection and recycling of carriers of mobile energy.

About Stibat:

In the Netherlands, the procedure for collecting and recycling used batteries is laid down by law. The government and processing companies play a part in this, but cooperation on the part of manufacturers and retailers is essential as well. Businesses that import, manufacture and sell (products containing) batteries are therefore required to contribute.

Producers and importers pay a small amount for each battery they sell on the Dutch market: the ‘management fee’ to cover the annual cost of fulfilling the compliance tasks. Stibat uses this money to pay for collection, transporting, sorting and recycling used batteries. The management fee also covers the cost of developing publicity campaigns.

Stibat has a coordinating role, enabling all parties to collaborate in collecting used batteries. This role includes providing information on the relevant legislation and regulations, an administration programme and a collection service for discarded batteries. Stibat also runs publicity campaigns to promote consumer participation with regard to battery collection.

Stibat objectives / complance tasks:

Stibat has been founded in 1995 by manufacturers and importers of batteries to execute their producer responsibility in The Netherlands.

The producer responsibilty means to comply with the legal requirements i.e. to execute the following compliance tasks:

  • Realise collection result in conformity with legal objective ( collection target)
  • Realise recycling result in conformity with legal objectives (recycling efficiency)
  • Ensure a collection structure with national coverage (no legal definition)
  • Ensure sufficient information and communication to end users (no legal guidelines).