WorldLoop offers expertise to E-waste Management Project in Ethiopia

As part of WorldLoop’s partnership with United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), WorldLoop provides support to various e-waste projects that UNIDO is involved with. UNIDO and WorldLoop share a commitment to support e-waste recycling activities in developing countries, which is formalized by a formal partnership between both organizations.

Recently, UNIDO and the Ethiopian Government, with financial support from the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) launched the E-waste Management Project in Ethiopia (EWaMP). The project aims to assist the Ethiopian Government with establishing a national e-waste strategy (e-waste regulations, collection, financing training and awareness raising), upgrade the activities of the Akaki Demanufacturing Facility (DMF), promote the cooperation with other countries in the region, and link the Ethiopian waste treatment facilities to national, regional and international markets.

WorldLoop is providing support to the EWaMP project to upscale the facility, sharing the experiences of e-waste projects in other countries. WorldLoop together with recycling expert Jacques Langhendries, visited the Akaki DMF for the first time in August.

The objective of the mission was to support the Akaki DMF to scale up their facility by:

–          Designing a plant lay-out and design for the new e-waste facility

–          Provide recommendation on improving the current processes of the facility

–          Assessing the equipment needs for the new facility

–          Supporting the facility in valorizing output materials

The WorldLoop team also met with the State minister of Environment, representatives of the ministry of ICT, UNIDO and several stakeholder.

The project is making good progress and is expected to be inaugurated in 2015.