Chilenter, Chile

Chilenter is an educational and environmental foundation belonging to the network of foundations within the sociocultural focus area of the Presidency, and is headed by the Director of Sociocultural Department, Sebastián Dávalos Bachele and Irina Reyes Donoso as Executive Director.

Chilenter operates a medium to large e-waste collection, refurbishment and dismantling facility in Chile in collaboration with WorldLoop. WorldLoop supports Chilenter through technical expertise and by offering recycling services for complex and hazardous materials working with best in class recycling companies worldwide.


Bridging the digital divide in Chile, promoting the incorporation and appropriation of technologies for education and social entrepreneurship in remote sectors of the country in a sustainable way, respectful of the environment.

We aspire to build a society where technology is an effective and sustainable means for the inclusion and development of people, leading the way with regard to the social use of information technology, as well as in the environmental management of electronic waste.


Chilenter wishes to integrate sustainable development in each of our activities, contributing to the reduction of electronic waste and its environmental impact, by refurbishing computers and peripherals and to develop a valorization process of computer parts and pieces, ultimately destined for recycling by best in class recyclers, whether domestic or international.