GLICE, Burundi

GREAT LAKES INITIATIVES FOR COMMUNITIES EMPOWERMENT (GLICE) is a non profit organization in Burundi active in the following areas :

  • Bridging the digital divide by providing high quality computers to schools, universities and associations;
  • Protecting the environment through environmentally sound e-waste management.


Our Mission :

  • Raise awareness on the impact of e-waste on people’s health and the environment and the possibility of environmentally sound e-waste management;
  • Collect and process, in partnership with Worldloop and others partners, e-waste in Burundi;
  • Create job opportunities, especially for those almost incapable of competing at the current job market, focusing on the young and gender equality;
  • Work in partnership with other organizations at the national, regional and international scale achieve our mission.


Vision on e-waste

In our efforts to conscientiously observe all dispositions and measures of e-waste management and disposal, GLICE and its partners are to deal with any harmful and hazardous e-waste in Burundi.